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We, ibis inc., mainly develop network applications as a trustee. We also develop/introduce web systems and develop/distribute contents on mobile phones.

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Corporate name ibis inc.
Nagoya center office Nakamo bldg.4F 3-17-34 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002, Japan
Nagoya center office
(10:00 to 17:00 in Japan)
Inquiry from consumers are accepted only through e-mail.
Mobile bussiness division
(10:00 to 17:00 in Japan)
Tokyo center office Imamiya bldg.3F 2-15-9 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032, Japan
Tokyo center office
E-mail address is shown by image not to be used for spamming.
Director/Auditor President/CEO: Eiji Kamiya
Managing Director/COO: Kazuhiko Murakami
Director: Manabu Tomita
Director: Masahiro Nobuhara
Corporate Auditor: Tetsuo Ozeki
Establishment 11/May/2000
Capital 95,925,000 yen
Number of employees 52
  • Develop web applications as a trustee
  • Develop and distribute contents for mobile phones
  • Dispatch information technologists
  • Develop web sites
and so on.
Date of the financial statements September 30


May/2000 Limited company ibis is established in Hamamatsu city Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.
Oct/2000 NetIbis, web site for i-mode, released.
Feb/2001 Center office has been moved to Showa ward Nagoya city.
Mar/2001 Ibis Ecom System released.
Apr/2001 Central office has been moved to the present location, Nakamura ward Nagoya city.
Apr/2001 Organization changed to joint stock company.
Dec/2001 Authorized as specified worker dispatcher(specified 23-020430).
Oct/2002 Tokyo office started to run.
Feb/2003 Capital increased to 14,500,000 yen.
May/2003 Central office expanded from Shinmei bldg. 4F to 3F and 4F.
Oct/2003 Entered to the Chinese market
Oct/2003 Entered to Aichi Information Service Industry Association.
May/2004 The network camera management system, LaplusView released.
Oct/2004 Entered to Chubu Information Technology Cooperative.
Apr/2005 Capital increased to 18,500,000 yen.
Jun/2005 The full browser for mobile phones, ibisBrowser beta released.
Sep/2005 The full mailer for mobile phones, ibisMail beta released.
Nov/2005 Capital increased to 27,100,000 yen.
Nov/2005 The full browser for mobile phones, ibisBrowserDX official version released.
Feb/2006 Tokyo central office has started to run.
Mar/2006 Entered to Japan Information Engineering trade Center(JIET)
Jun/2006 Capital increased to 36,000,000 yen.
Jan/2007 Capital increased to 66,000,000 yen.
Jan/2007 Capital increased to 75,975,000 yen.
Feb/2007 Capital increased to 85,950,000 yen.
Mar/2007 Inaguration of Mobile Office .
Mar/2007 Capital increased to 95,925,000 yen.
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