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Browse web sites as like on your PC. The Microbrowser for mobile phones, the ibisBrowserDX


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What is the ibisBrowserDX?

On November 21, 2005 we have released the ibisBrowser, which is a high speed and much functional full browser for mobile phones. The ibisBrowserDX is an application for mobile phones that can run Java applications or Windows Mobile. With the ibisBrowser, you can see web pages made for PC's on your mobile phone as if you are viewing it on your PC. Now you do not need to boot your PC just to search for something at Google or Yahoo. You can see even news sites on the way of commutation.
You need not to pay for the ibisBrowserDX within the technology preview term.

Special features of the ibisBrowserDX

  1. High speed: ibisBrowserDX is client-server type browser. Ibis browser server calculate html and css layout, and convert to binary data, and compress data.
  2. Tab function: At most 15 tabs can be opened at a time.
  3. Google search: No need to access Google top. Input words for search and you will get into the site.
  4. Yahoo search: No need to access Yahoo top. Input words for search and you will get into the site.
  5. Intrapage search: You can search for characters in the page.
  6. Short cut keys: You can assign the functions you often use to [1]-[9]/[*]/[0]/[#] buttons.(Some kinds of mobile phones are not available)

Snap shots of the ibisBrowserDX

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Requirements for the ibisBrowserDX

Windows Mobile logo
Windows Mobile® 5.0/6.0
Java™ MIDP2.0, CLDC1.0 or later

Download the ibisBrowserDX

You can download the ibisBrowserDX from http://ibis.ne.jp/en/index.jsp.(Access with your mobile phone please.) Read agreements before you download the ibisBrowser.
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