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Int'l version of Windows Mobile ibisBrowserDX is Released

Jan. 7, 2008

ibis inc. (Location: Nagoya, Aichi, Japan Representative: CEO, Eiji Kamiya) has released an international version of Windows Mobile ibisBrowserDX full browser on January 7, 2008 dedicated to Windows Mobile Phone users.


Windows Mobile ibisBrowerDX is developed in C++, therefore, it operates at a very high speed comparing with the Java version ibisBrowserDX.

At present, Windows Mobile ibisBrowserDX corresponds to the following editions:

In Windows Mobile Professional/Pocket PC edition, the touch panel can correspond to touch panel functions equipped with the terminal and be operated comfortably.

ibisBrowserDX product site is here (For PC users).
Download page of Windows Mobile ibisBrowserDX is http://ibis.ne.jp/z620 (For Internet Explorer Mobile).

The special features of the ibisBrowserDX

  • Touch Panel: Windows Mobile 6 Professional edition corresponds to the touch panel where element of pages and the menu on the page can be operated using the touch panel.
  • High-speed Communication: A request processing time in ibisBrowserDX becomes 5.5times faster than Internet Explorer Mobile due to faster HTML analysis, layout compression, etc. in the server side.
  • High-speed Scrolling: Web pages are scrolled very speedy due to the high speed scrolling engine.
  • High-speed Mobile View switching: Usually in a full browser made for Mobile phone, though the parts of a web site made for PC's are read by scrolling, in Mobile View sentences are read without a horizontal scrolling. In ibisBrowserDX switching between PC View and Mobile View are done at a high speed, therefore, pages can be read faster.
  • Layout is reproduced beautifully: The reproducibility of CSS display of web sites is more accurate in Windows Mobile ibisBrowserDX than in Internet Explorer Mobile.


Transmission rate comparison of Windows Mobile 6 Professional ibisBrowserDX, Internet Explorer Mobile, and Opera Browser.

Display Comparison

■Windows Mobile ibisBrowerDX

■Internet Explorer Mobile


There are three ways to install Windows Mobile ibisBrowserDX.

The Difference from Java version ibisBrowserDX

Corresponding OS

・Windows Mobile 6 Standard
・Windows Mobile 6 Professional
・Windows Mobile 6 Classic
・Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC
・Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC Phone Edition


Those who want to install only for try can browse upto 5 pages in a day for free.
Pay Registration
Monthly fee 315 Yen (Tax included)
Yearly fee 3,000 Yen (Tax included)
When pay registration is made browsing is performed without any limit.
Payment is made through credit card.

Future Plan

Addition of corresponding model
FLASH version
Javascript version
Corporate WindowsMobile version ibisBrowserDXR

About ibisBrowser

ibisBrowser is a full browser dedicated for Mobile Phone.
For DoCoMo FOMA ibisBrowserLT/ibisBrowserDX, for au the open application version of ibisBrowserDX, and for WILLCOM the model version equipped with Java application are offered. After making available to the public, ibisBrowser has become popular very shortly as a high-speed and high- performance full browser.

■ About ibisBrowserLT/ibisBrowserDX for DoCoMo FOMA
21-06-2005 Full Browser ibisBrowser Beta version (Free version) release
09-08-2005 Full Browser ibisBrowser Beta version (Pay version) release
21-11-2005 Full Browser ibisBrowser Beta version (Formal version) release
ibisBrowserLT was developed for the FOMA70x system which is able to execute small applications.
Whereas, ibisBrowserDX is developed for FOMA90x system, where higher performance is achieved comparing with ibisBrowserLT. For development status "Browser development diary BLOG (http://blog.livedoor.jp/ibisbrowser/)" is prepared, where bugs or errors are received from the users and solved them in real time. ibisBrowserDX/LT pay version can be used with a monthly charge of 315 yen or yearly charge of 3,000 yen. The payment method is done through credit card, WebMoney, Mobile Edy (only the terminal for Wallet Cellphone), Chokomu, Yahoo! Contents Store.

■ About Open Application Program version ibisBrowserDX for au
Release on 26-03-2007 With the development of Open Application Program Player by which the execution of Java application became possible to install in the au terminal. Therefore, it became possible to run ibisBrowserDX both in FOMA and au where previously it could run only on FOMA.
The au open application version ibisBrowserDX can be used with a monthly charge of 315 yen or yearly charge of 3000 yen. Payment is made through credit card.

■ About WILLCOM version ibisBrowserDX (Java version)
Release on 20-06-2007
In WILLCOM version, since the input with the terminal that was able to operate from the keyboard became possible, a person who is not good at operating mobile can use it like PC. WILLCOM version ibisBrowserDX can be used by paying a monthly fee of 315 yen. Payment is made as part of the use of WILLCOM mobile phone.

ibisBrowserDX product page

Corporation Information

Corporation name:ibis incorporated
Representative:CEO Eiji Kamiya
Establishment:May 2000
Number of staffs:50
Address:Shimmei bldg.4F 3-18-11 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002, Japan
Web site:http://www.ibis.ne.jp/
ibisBrowserDX download site:http://ibis.ne.jp/en/browser/
ibisBrowserDX Wiki:http://ibis.ne.jp/brwiki/

*E-mail address in the ibis web site is shown by image not to be used for spamming. Please input e-mail address with your hands when you make an inquiry.

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