Corporate Governance

Basic View on Corporate Governance

In order to enhance corporate value by effectively utilizing our limited management resources and achieving high growth, the company’s basic policy is to build a system for transparent, fair, prompt, and decisive decision-making, and to enhance corporate governance in accordance with the following concepts that take into consideration the basic principles of the Corporate Governance Code.

(1) Ensuring shareholder rights and equality
(2) Appropriate collaboration with stakeholders other than shareholders, including employees, customers, business partners, creditors, and local communities
(3) Ensuring appropriate information disclosure and transparency
(4) Exercising supervisory and auditing functions by independent directors and ensuring the effectiveness of the Board of Directors
(5) Having dialogue with shareholders and developing the environment for such dialogue

Outline of the Corporate Governance System and Reasons for Adopting the System

In order to strengthen corporate governance, the Company has put in place an Audit and Supervisory Committee. We have done so because giving outside directors the right to vote at Board of Directors meetings means we can further expect them to offer advice and recommendations from an independent and objective standpoint, thereby improving and strengthening the effectiveness of the Board of Directors’ supervisory and check-and-balance functions.

Corporate Governance Structure

Corporate Governance Structure

Corporate Governance Report

The Company submits its Corporate Governance Reports to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.